It’s not a secret that if you want your business to do well online, you have to create great content for the web. This is the key to attracting links, social media engagement and shares, and traffic to your website.


Some of you may still wonder, what the heck does great content mean?

Content marketing is using content (blog posts, articles, social media posts, YouTube videos) to attract customers to your brand, products or services. It is the single most important asset you have on the web for your business. It’s the whole reason that people jump online to check out news websites, blogs, Facebook pages and other web pages every single day.

Content serves these main purposes: to inform, to educate, to entertain and to connect people using the internet.

Website, social media, and video content should capture people’s attention to the point of taking a look at your business for the product or service they are looking for; to take an action like buying something, sign up to receive a coupon (generating a lead), or download a free report.
Why Care About Content?

Most of the time when your prospects are searching for your product or service they are looking to solve a problem. If you’re not solving problems, you’re not making money, right? Your job is to identify the problems that your target customers are having, and then provide valuable information around solving that problem. Plain and simple.
A few ways to do this:

Create an Ultimate Guide — People are busy these days, and if your guide to solving their problem is “ultimate”, then they should look no further.
Newsletters — A valuable newsletter should contain the “best of” what content you have to offer for the time. Send your helpful nuggets in the form of a newsletter, and you’re tribe will love you for it.
Videos — How-to videos are amazing. Even if you give away the secrets of your product or service, the fact remains that 90% of people would rather pay someone else to do their work. For example, why spend an hour making my own bone broth when I can buy it in a can to mix with hot water?

You should always have clear goals for your content. Are you looking to get your name out there? Or increase brand loyalty?

You also want to consider who you are talking to. While it’s important to keep up on topics in your industry, you also want to be aware of what you want to be known for and what you’re promoting.

Finally, you want to make sure that your content is sharable. Social Media can be extremely powerful if you use it correctly.
Companies Getting it Right in the Content Game

It’s truly fascinating to see how big brands utilize content in their overall brand strategy. After all, they have the biggest marketing budgets, so they can afford to throw everything they have around research, creating and promotion. What’s good for the small business world is that we can take a lesson just by observing what they are doing, and apply it to our own content strategy.

The best brands are the ones that using their content, drive loyalty, conversions, and ultimately sales. to see an overall winning strategy.